Giant Deep Lipomas of Anterior Neck

  • Jeyashanth Riju
Keywords: Lipoma, Giant lipoma, Midline neck swelling, Anterior neck, Liposarcoma


Background: Lipomas are benign mesenchymal tumors which can arise anywhere in the body. Lipomas which are more than 10 centimeters below the platysma in the anterior aspect of neck is a rare entity.

Description: We describe two patients who presented with giant lipoma in the anterior neck of which once was in the midline. We have explained the case, with respect to clinical presentation and relation to critical structures in neck during surgery. We also discussed pathophysiology of giant lipoma and differentiation of lipoma from its sarcomatous component.

Conclusion: Complete excision of the tumor with an intact capsule gives an excellent aesthetic outcome and no functional debilitation. A close relation to great vessels of the neck should be kept in mind while operating on giant lipoma.