An Uncommon Cause of Acute Abdomen in Underprivileged Communities

  • Muchuweti David
Keywords: Ascarias Lumbricoides, Ascariasis, Infestation, Volvulus, Obstruction, Gangrenous, Case report


Oftentimes general surgeons working in poorly resourced communities carry out emergency abdominal surgery in patients with acute abdomen with no definitive preoperative diagnosis. The definitive diagnosis is made at laparotomy. Perforated small bowel obstruction secondary to heavy Infestation with Ascaris Lumbricoides brings a number of intraoperative challenges requiring correct intraoperative surgical management decisions. We present a case of a 17 year-old patient who was admitted with a diagnosis of small bowel obstruction who at laparotomy was found to have perforated gangrenous small bowel volvulus with heavy work load visible through the bowel wall. Because of faecal peritoneal contamination and haemo-dynamic instability she underwent a two staged procedure with good outcome.