• Journal of Case Reports in Medicine

    Journal of Case Reports in Medicine (JCRM) publishes excellent case reports in all fields of medicine. The journal creates a repository for clinical wisdom and therapeutic "pearls" regarding uncommon and selected common malformations, illnesses and injuries. JCRM enhances medical progress by stimulating discussion about clinical diagnosis and treatment, by publishing excellent clinical observations and insights that are difficult to publish in medical journals that are not committed to case reports. The journal also provides a readily accessible wealth of single case reports and case series on rare entities that can be accessed and combined into larger case series,
    potentially making possible new insights into diagnosis and treatment.

  • mHealth

    The mHealth (Online ISSN: 2306-9740), launched in 2015 and indexed by PubMed and PubMed Central in March 2017 is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal published by AME Publishing Company. The journal aims at discovering impact of telemedicine on the quality, cost effectiveness, and access to healthcare, and providing excellent coverage of developments in telemedicine and e-health with a focus on clinical trials of telemedicine applications. It publishes new findings on how mobile technologies improve public health, particularly among underserved populations and provides a forum to disseminate the mobile technologies, which enable to transform global health care on many fronts.

    Contributions from such diverse fields as medical research, software design, clinical health care, hardware manufacture and network transmission provide a unique perspective on how different countries and health systems are using new technology in health care.

    The journal features original articles, cutting-edge reviews, case reports, meet the professors, and editorials focused on mobile technology application to public health. The entire submission and review process are managed through OJS system, an electronic system, which provides an efficient way and ensures a rapid turnaround of papers submitted for publication.

    Submission Turnaround Time
    Submission to First Editorial Decision: 2-4 weeks.
    External peer review: 1-2 months.
    Acceptance to Publication: 2-4 weeks. Original Articles are listed as priority.

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